Factors to Consider When Buying Pressure Washers

Summary: Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, you may consider purchasing pressure washers to help you clean your home...
Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, you may consider purchasing pressure washers to help you clean your home or business. These handy machines are capable of doing a lot of things and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. They are easy to operate and come in both gas and electric varieties. These machines are easy to move around and have enough power for cleaning the exterior of your home. They are also quiet and require little upkeep.
The main function of pressure washers is to shoot water at high pressure to remove dirt and grime. Some machines can remove stains, but these models aren't ideal for stubborn stains. They are best for general cleaning of outdoor surfaces such as patios and decks. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood and concrete decks. You should also take care to choose a model that has a high-pressure hose. Ordinary tubing wouldn't be able to withstand such high-pressure water flow.
In addition to water flow, gallons per minute is a factor to consider when buying a pressure washer. This measure tells you how much water is passed through the spray wand. The higher the gpm, the faster the machine can clean. Also, the higher the psi, the more force the machine can produce. A high-pressure hose is essential for a good pressure washer. It should be reinforced with wire mesh or two or more layers of high-density plastic.
Another important factor is the spray angle. A wider angle can produce a cleaner spray, but a narrow one may damage surfaces. In addition, it can take longer to clean. For example, a 40-degree angle can help you rinse an object more quickly. However, if you have delicate items like outdoor furnishings built from soft materials, a wider angle can damage them. The best pressure washer will be able to adjust its spray distance to deliver the right amount of pressure for your surface.
You should also take into account the hose fittings and safety features. You don't want a washer that is prone to breaking because of high-pressure water. Some models come with a hose that is specially designed for this purpose. The hose should also be reinforced to help withstand high pressure. It's also important to wear safety goggles and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Whether you are using an electric or gas model, it's best to choose a model that has a trigger to prevent overheating.
A pressure washer is also part air compressor. In the same way that you would use a portable air compressor, you should use your washer according to its manufacturer's instructions. The machine may take longer to set up and start than the cleaning itself. It's also important to remember that high-pressure water can damage electrical equipment. You should also avoid using pressure washers on small areas and tight spaces. If you are cleaning a car, for example, you should get a model that is less than 2,000 psi.