●[Inside Piston Pump]: Reduces the exposure of the operator to chemicals.
●[Spare Nozzles]: 3 nozzles for different spray patterns.
●[Lockable Trigger]: Convenient for hands-free sprayer job
●[Padded Carrying Straps]: For fatigue-free operation
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Model OLD一16B-16
Capacity 16L
Carton Size 36*18*51.3 CM
1.Product Description

Built for comfort and ease of use, the backpack sprayer is becoming a go-to tool for gardeners, landscapers, and pest control professionals—as well as for renters and homeowners who simply want to enjoy a weed- and insect-free outdoor space.

What’s the point? A backpack sprayer’s ergonomic design lets you carry fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, or any other liquids on your back, rather than hauling around a heavy metal cart or a hand-held sprayer. The tool also allows you to spray a uniform stream from a variety of different nozzles to reach not only areas right under your feet, but those hard-to-reach areas as well.




Weed & Feed



General Gardening


Comes with a lance holder, a spare seal kit, and spare nozzles.

4.Nozzle Patterns :


It's a good idea for gardeners to have at least two sprayers, one for herbicide and one for insecticide. The residue from many herbicides is difficult to completely remove from inside a sprayer tank, and this leftover residue could harm your plants. Plus it's not a good idea to mix pesticides. Make sure you label each sprayer appropriately.

Maintaining a uniform walking speed is essential to keeping the application rate relatively uniform throughout the operation. A higher travel speed will result in a lower application rate.

Maintaining a uniform spraying pressure is also essential both for keeping the application rate and the droplet size uniform during the application. Lowering the spraying pressure leads to higher application rates, and larger droplets.


Don't smoke, eat or drink when spraying. Spray on a calm day to prevent winds from blowing the spray. Wash up after spraying.

A regular spraying schedule can help prevent many lawn and garden pest and disease problems.


A: What is PSI?

Q: Pounds per square inch (PSI) is the unit of measure identifying the amount of pressure a backpack sprayer is capable of propelling through its nozzle. The average PSI for a backpack sprayer is around 70 PSI, but smaller models can use as little as 40 PSI and larger ones may use as much as 150 PSI. PSI is important to ensure your backpack sprayer operates effectively. Too little pressure will produce an uneven spray that reduces the effectiveness of its contents, while too much will prove excessive for a smaller yard. If you have a large yard with many hard to reach spots, or you are a professional who works in many different-sized spaces, a sprayer with a PSI rating of 70 or above is your best bet. For those with average-sized or smaller yards, a moderate PSI rating between 40 and 70 is more than enough to spray your space.


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