What does the backpack sprayer contain

Summary:Backpack sprayer partsThe backpack sprayer is a convenient way to spray the garden.A backpack sprayer contains a pot of ...

Backpack sprayer parts
The backpack sprayer is a convenient way to spray the garden.
A backpack sprayer contains a pot of fertilizer, insecticide or herbicide, and the gardener carries it on his body to spray the garden or trees. The gardener controls the nozzle with his right hand and the pump handle with his left hand to maintain the pressure in the tank. Backpack sprayers are more practical than replacement sprayers. The sprayer must be carried by hand and placed on the ground to be pumped.

Sprayer Tank
Backpack sprayers typically have 2-5 gallon water tanks. If they are used for a long time, they will indeed stab your back. You can add polystyrene foam (and duct tape) to make them more comfortable on the shoulders and lower back. The sprayer should always be kept in a clean, empty box. Fill the tank with clean water and spray everything. This is especially important after using the herbicide (two rinses), because if your next application is an insecticide, the herbicide residue can damage your plants. Do not use chlorine or Clorox, as this will damage the mechanism. Before putting the mixture in the water tank (do not mix in the water tank), be sure to mix the dry ingredients first, pour half the water into the container, then pour the ingredients dry in the rest of the water. For liquid active ingredients, pour water into the water tank before adding liquid.

Sprayer Nozzle
The nozzle tip forms a spray pattern. The tip is one of many components that are screwed together at the end of the spray bar. Most nebulizers have multiple tips, one for narrow flow and one for wide flow. There are also adjustable nozzles (fog at constant flow) and connections (called booms) .These nozzles have multiple nozzles that can spray between multiple rows at once. There is also a filter screen in the nozzle, which must be cleaned from time to time. The screen is located near the interchangeable tip. Unless you use variable nozzles or booms, typical nozzles have a flow rate of 0.3 to 0.5 gallons per minute.

Sprayer Pump
The pressure in the reservoir must be maintained so that the liquid in the reservoir sprays when the trigger is actuated. The handle should be pumped 10 to 15 times at the start, and every 5 seconds while working. Before using the system several times, check the pressure gauge to make sure the pump rhythm keeps the pressure stable. The pressure gauge (and the relief valve and the cover at the top of the tank) must be filled with oil to ensure a good seal. Otherwise, you will lose stress. The normal pumping speed (when walking 4 feet per second) is 15 gallons per acre, with a spray width of 3 feet, 0.3 gallons per minute, or a spray width of 6 feet, 0, 5 gallons per minute, if the pressure is constant.