Function of high-pressure water jet cleaning technology

Summary:High pressure water jet cleaning concept. The so-called high-pressure water jet technology is to press the ordinary pres...

High pressure water jet cleaning concept.

The so-called high-pressure water jet technology is to press the ordinary pressurized water through a high-pressure pump to hundreds to thousands of bars, through a specially designed nozzle (the diameter of the nozzle hole is generally only 0.4 to 2.5mm), at an extremely high speed (30m / s ~ 750m / s) a stream of highly concentrated energy jets, this continuous high pressure water stream has a huge impact like a bullet, it can cut steel plates (after adding abrasives, the cutting capacity reaches 250mm or Above), the internal and external surfaces of metal pipes, storage tanks and other rust, paint, descaling and removal of various blockages, etc. This cleaning process is high-pressure water jet cleaning, which belongs to the category of physical cleaning.

The relative advantages of high-pressure water jet cleaning.

① The intermediate medium for high-pressure water jet cleaning is water, so there will be no secondary pollution problems such as dust or waste liquid during the cleaning process. If there are no special requirements after cleaning, no cleaning treatment is required.

② High-pressure water jet cleaning technology is widely used. Wherever the water jet can be directly sprayed, whether it is a pipe or a device surface, whether it is a hard scale or a solid blockage, as long as the selected working pressure and cleaning accessories are suitable, it can quickly detach from the bonding matrix , Thoroughly cleaned.

③The cleaning speed is fast. Under the action of high pressure water jet continuous scouring, grinding, shearing and other composite crushing forces, the scale can be crushed immediately, and the cleaned substrate is removed with the water flow. The cleaning speed is traditional simple mechanical and manual cleaning speed. Several times to dozens of times.

④The cleaning effect is good. For example, when cleaning heat exchangers and pipelines, the internal scale and blockages can be completely removed, and the metal body can be seen after cleaning. And it will not cause damage to the inner wall of the metal, and will not corrode the metal surface.

⑤ The cleaning cost is relatively low.