A high pressure washer is a device that uses high pressure water to clean surfaces and materials. Some common parts of a high pressure washer include:
Water pump: This is the heart of the high pressure washer and is responsible for generating the high pressure water flow. Motor: The motor powers the water pump and can be electric or gasoline-powered. Hose: The hose carries the high pressure water from the washer to the nozzle. Nozzle: The nozzle is the end of the hose where the water is released and can be adjusted to produce a variety of spray patterns. Spray gun: The spray gun is the handle that the user holds and contains the trigger that controls the flow of water. Detergent tank: Some high pressure washers have a tank for storing detergent or cleaning solution, which can be mixed with the water to aid in the cleaning process. Wheels: Many high pressure washers have wheels to make it easier to move the machine around. Frame: The frame is the structure that holds all of the other parts of the high pressure washer together.

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