Knapsack Agricultural Manual Sprayer OLD一20B-24

Knapsack Agricultural Manual Sprayer OLD一20B-24

Knapsack Agricultural Manual Sprayer

a Sprayer Tank Capacity: 16lt/20lt
b. Working pressure: 2-4 bar
c. Material: Poly Ethylene
d. Hose length: 120cm
e. Lance length: 51cm
f. Strap length: 90cm
g. Weight: 2.5 kg
h. Package Dimensions: 37.5 x 19.2 x51.5cm

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Sprayer Nozzle types in Agricultural Application

-1. Cone or Hollow Cone Nozzle

Provide a more effective droplet size and fl ow rate for insecticide and fungicide treatments.

-2. Fan Nozzle

Widely used for broadcast spraying of herbicides.

-3. Flat tip nozzles:

Even spray nozzle as much as possible


Knapsack Sprayer Maintenance and Safety

1. Wash the inside of the spray tank with clean water after each use.

2. Lubricate the felt sealing washer at the top of the air chamber with light oil at regular intervals. This ensures smooth operation of the air pump and prevents leakage of spray liquid.

3. Do not smoke whilst using the sprayer.

4. Always direct the spray downwind of the operator. Spraying into the wind will result in operator contamination.

5. Store the sprayer in a well ventilated area out of reach of children and away from livestock.

6. Do not expose the sprayer to strong sunlight during storage to prevent deterioration of the tank.

7. The sprayer is designed for the application of agricultural chemicals, disinfectants, cleaning agents etc. Do not use to spray caustic or corrosive solutions.


Sprayer Selection

If you are looking to spray a large garden, then there is no doubt you need a large capacity sprayer. This 16 Liter manual pressure sprayer is perfect for spraying large areas. Most users have found its trigger lock system quite helpful and its curved design back-friendly.


Knapsack Sprayer Parts List

20.  Nozzle Cap                      1. Belt Buckle                 
21.  Spray Sheet 2.  Clip
22. Swirling Flake 3. Air Chamber
23. Nozzle Body 4. Air Chamber Cap
24. O ring 5. Woollen Washer
25. Lock Sleeve 6. Pump
26. Lance Cap 7. Sealing Cup
27.  Lance 8. Sealing Ball
28. Switch Assembly 9. Sealing Valve
29. Plug 10. Sealing Ring
30. Hose Cap 11. Rocker Fastener
31. Hose 12. Base Support
32. Belt Hook 13. Belt Clip
33. Top Cap 14. Rocker Fixed Ring
34. Seal Ring 15. Rocker Fixed
35. Intake Valve 16. Handle Grip
36. Filter Washer 17. Rocker
37. Filter 18. Connect Rod
38. Tank 19. Gasket
39. Belt  

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