When spraying pesticides with agricultural sprayers

Summary: The sprayer is an important tool for farmers in farming. It is mainly used to spray a variety of pesticides. When using...
The sprayer is an important tool for farmers in farming. It is mainly used to spray a variety of pesticides. When using the sprayer, the atomization effect of the sprayer is an important indicator of the quality of the sprayer. The better the atomization of the sprayer, the better the sprayer. The smaller the droplets, the more even the spray will be on the crops. Whether it is insecticide or sterilization, the effect will be better. In the development of sprayers, there have been two kinds of nozzles, one is metal and the other is plastic. So which sprayer has better effect?
When spraying pesticides with agricultural sprayers, which of the copper nozzle or the plastic nozzle is good for atomization? I personally think that the atomization of these two nozzles is good, there is no difference. The size, distance and thickness of the mist can be adjusted by the nozzle. The copper nozzle and the plastic nozzle are basically headless, but copper The price of sprinklers is a little higher than that of plastic sprinklers, and everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Agricultural sprayers use copper nozzles to spray
The agricultural sprayer sprays the crops, as long as the water you blended passes through the large lid filter of the medicine bucket, and the switch filter is filtered two times, the medicine in the bucket will be relatively clean, so that it will not block the spray nozzle spray That’s right, so if you use copper sprinklers, it’s just a bit more expensive. A sprinkler costs about ten yuan. However, copper sprinklers just say they won’t rust, but they are relatively thin, so they can be easily dropped on the concrete floor. It broke.

Agricultural sprayers use plastic nozzles to spray
Agricultural sprayers use plastic nozzles to spray. Not only the nozzles are cheap, only 5 yuan each, and the atomization quality is similar to that of copper nozzles, but if your pesticide water quality is poor and the nozzle is blocked, you often use iron wire and bamboo sticks to dig. It may increase the size of the plastic nozzle and affect the atomization.

As for the new copper nozzle or plastic nozzle, which atomization is better? Both of these nozzles have good atomization and are produced by regular manufacturers. There is no major problem in quality. Moreover, the current atomizer heads are still relatively advanced. The atomization can be adjusted by elasticity, but only plastic and There will be a certain difference in the service life and durability of metals. If you want to be cheap, you can choose plastic, and if you want to be durable and strong, you can choose metal.