What Type of Sprayer Should I Choose?

Summary:A garden pressure sprinkler is an excellent tool to keep your garden green and beautiful. You can have one in virtually ...

A garden pressure sprinkler is an excellent tool to keep your garden green and beautiful. You can have one in virtually any part of your yard or garden and its uses are endless. The main purpose of a garden pressure sprinkler is to keep your plants from being dry. Too much water can cause your plants to wilt, making them fall apart. When you choose the right model, you can prevent this from happening by just filling up the container when needed.

Easy Filling: A super large funnel and ball style mouth on the front allows you to accomplish easy, no mess filling; You only have to simply unscrew, insert, and close the cap. The pump pressure sprayer ensures proper coverage of even the smallest corner of your yard or garden. It's a no mess way to keep your plants healthy. It's also great if you want to have an automatic lawn mower without having to lift and push the lawnmower.

Multi-Functionality: The pump and hose to allow you to perform other functions such as watering plants as well as blowing the hard-to-reach areas. You can also adjust the nozzle to hit the hard-to-reach areas without spraying too much water in that area. It has an adjustable spray head so you can get the perfect amount of water every time. If you want to add more jets, you just simply increase the nozzle. It's the perfect tool for all gardening needs.

Water Based Sprayers: There are two types of pressure sprayers, one is the fluids liquid and the other is the solids. With the liquids liquid, you can spray any liquid into the whole garden without any fear of the chemicals going airborne. This is the best solution for small gardens. However, there are some limitations with these solids sprayers because the solids can seep into the ground underneath the turf thus making it more difficult to take out the weeds.

Air Compressors: Air compressors are also available in the market as pressure sprayers. They can be adjusted depending on the size of the area you need to be spraying and the height of the grass in the area. Although this is quite an expensive tool, it is very useful. With the adjustable nozzles you can spray various heights and areas of your garden easily.

Two Gallons: The two gallon size of this sprayer allows spraying up to thirty-five feet away. However, if you are going to be using it at a longer distance, you may need to purchase a gas powered sprayer. There is a sixty-psi air release valve that comes with this unit which allows the water vapor to vent outwards instead of staying in the hose. The sixty psi option is the ideal option for larger gardens and areas. For smaller areas, a two-gallon sprayer will do just fine.

Spraying Brings Rid of That Hazy Morning Surround: If you have hard-packed soil, you will find it much easier to spray the area with this type of sprayer. It also gives you a much better view of the plants as compared to other types of sprayers. If you don't have much dirt to do any spraying with, you can also purchase a Dirt Devil Spatcher. This particular brand is much better than other brands as they are more effective and use less chemicals.

You also have the option of purchasing a gas and electric powered spraying devices. These two types of sprayers are not that far apart; however, gas has a much longer range. The electric wand is usually portable, while the gas powered ones are much bigger and more durable. You can choose from the two wand systems or purchase a single wand and link it up with an electric or gas powered wand. The choice is yours!