The thermal smoke machine is used for insecticides


The thermal smoke machine is used for insecticides and […]

The thermal smoke machine is used for insecticides and fertilization sprays of agricultural crops. It is used in crop gardens, rubber gardens, vegetable greenhouses, and poultry and livestock sheds to eliminate insects and disinfection. Usually in the spring, it is used to spray anti-freeze cream on the crops, and sprays during the growth of the fruit, thereby improving the color of the fruit and serving as a nutrient-moisturizing fruit.
It is equipped with an oily agent and a proper amount of pesticides. After mixing and high temperature, it forms a hot mist spray, which falls accurately on the branches, fruits, and other specific locations of the crops, thereby achieving the efficacy of removing insects and nutritious crops. Because the hot mist sprayed above is higher than the air temperature, it will flow to a high place after spraying, even tall trees and vegetation can be effectively applied.
It is easy to use and easy to use in crops with large area and high degree of damage.
First, mix the clean gasoline and related chemicals in a reasonable ratio, inject the smoke machine, tighten the fuel tank, cover, and push the right and left thumb to press the oil pump to discharge the air in the box, hear the hoarse sound of the ignition, and then press the ignition and oil pump with the right hand. When you hear the "bang" sound from the cabinet, you can stop the ignition and the machine will start normally.
After the equipment is used, the machine should be placed high and low, so as not to flood the spark plug and damage the machine. After the drug is finished, the excess agent should be drained and cleaned with 2-3 kg of water to keep the machine clean. There is no drug residue, and the nozzles and pipes are protected from blockage.