The smoke machine can be used like this


In the past, when we went to fight drugs, they were all […]

In the past, when we went to fight drugs, they were all artificial. They were carrying drugs by hand. It was very inconvenient. Not only did they get tired enough in one day, but they didn’t do much, but now they are different from the fight drugs. It has become a relaxing matter, and it is labor-saving and fast. Then do we know the characteristics of the fight drugs?The sprayer produces very little fog and can kill pests in the middle of dense plants.If the fog is small, it means that the spray is much, and the more the spray on the unit area, the better. Spray evenly to better kill pests.The fighter smoke is diffuse, diffuse and suspended in space, which is especially effective for killing flying insects.

Compared with rainwater washing, the effect of wind and rain on the fight is not great.Since the emergence of the fight drugs machine, it is now easier and easier for us to fight drugs. It is only necessary to mechanize ourselves to switch buttons. In the spring, you can use it to kill pests in the bud, so that agricultural planting can do more with less. Of course, there are a few issues to be aware of when using a fog machine!When the smoke machine is in use, if the plant is damaged, do not use it to spray the medicine. When the plant heals, you can use it to spray it! It mainly utilizes the heat energy and kinetic energy of the exhaust gas to vaporize the oily drug and eject it into a mist, so that the plant can be covered by the medicinal water in various aspects, thereby achieving good pest control effects.