Teach you to get the common faults of the sprayer!


Every winter is the peak period for the occurrence and […]

Every winter is the peak period for the occurrence and control of various vegetable diseases and insect pests, and it is also the time when the spraying devices such as sprayers are used frequently. Because of its simple structure, convenient use and low price, the manual sprayer is an important plant protection device widely used by many rural households. At present, it is the winter shed vegetable pest control materials and equipment preparation stage, but some farmers' friends usually pay attention to the use of equipment, do not pay attention to maintenance, often use their hands when they are used, resulting in many inconveniences in actual operation. The use and maintenance of the sprayer and the troubleshooting methods are as follows:

First, the use of maintenance
1. When using, check whether the sprayer is leaking at each joint. First install the clean water and then spray the reagent to spray.
2. After adding the liquid, the liquid level cannot exceed the safe water level. Before the spraying, the rocker is shaken for more than 10 times, so that the air pressure in the barrel rises to the working pressure. Be careful not to use excessive force on the rocker to prevent the chamber from bursting.
3. After the spraying operation is completed, the residual liquid in the barrel should be poured out in time, and then washed with water to invert and dry; at the same time, check whether there is accumulated water in the air chamber. If there is accumulated water, remove the water outlet and release the accumulated water.
Note that the herbicide sprayer should be distinguished from other sprayers and should not be used to kill insecticides.
4. When it is no longer used in the short term, the main components should be cleaned, wiped and installed in a cool and dry place; if not used for a long time, be careful to apply butter to each metal part to prevent rust.

Second, the fault handling
1. The switch leaks. Wear of the switch gasket or wear of the switch asbestos wire can cause the switch to leak. A new gasket or asbestos wire should be replaced.
2. The switch is not flexible. The sprayer is left unused for a long time, the switch will be turbid due to the liquid medicine, the switch can be removed and put into the kerosene to clean, wipe the rust, apply a proper amount of lubricating oil, and tighten the switch cap.
3, the air chamber does not enter the air, the rocker does not press down. This may be caused by the hardening or cracking of the cup or the looseness of the nut at the bottom of the cup. The cup should be slightly pressed or replaced with a new cup, immersed in animal oil, lubricated and expanded, coated with a little oil, and tighten the bottom nut.

Poor quality. There may be blockage of the nozzle orifice, blockage of the filter in the casing, or the entry and exit of the water ball valve by the dirt. The nozzle hole should be dredged to remove debris; if the casing is clogged, the casing cleaning filter should be disassembled, the ball valve should be inspected, and dirt should be removed.
5. The air chamber plug rod rises automatically, and the top of the gland is watered. Mostly due to cracks in the gas wall or the bottom of the gas chamber, or the glass ball in the valve casing is blocked by debris, it cannot be caused to be in close contact with the valve body or the broken bowl. Use solder to repair cracks during maintenance, remove debris from the valve body, and change the cup.
6. The air chamber gland leaks or the water cover leaks. The reason is that the leather gasket is damaged or the flange is desoldered from the air chamber, and the gasket or tin solder joint should be replaced.