Structure and function of electric sprayer


In the process of using the sprayer, open the switch to […]

In the process of using the sprayer, open the switch to spray the nozzle, check the combination of each place to see if there is any water leakage and whether the sprayed mist is normal. If there is any problem, find out the cause and repair it. Then pour out the water and pour in the liquid to spray. Before using the electric sprayer for the first time, the cup must be immersed in oil or animal fat for a few minutes, soaked and then used.

The gas chamber is located outside the liquid medicine tank, and the bottom of the air chamber is connected to the water outlet valve and the water outlet joint, and the connection has a thread. The upper part of the air chamber is marked with a safe water level line. The function of the air chamber is to internally hold air, which acts as a stable pressure to ensure uniform and continuous discharge of the liquid, and at the same time acts as a buffer to prevent damage of the machine. There is a water outlet joint at the lower part of the air chamber barrel to connect the injection parts.

The liquid medicine barrel is composed of a water cover, a barrel body and a barrel outer strap, a hanging buckle, and a saddle. After the water cover is covered, the seam is tight, which prevents the splash of the medicine. There is a vent hole at the center of the cover to ensure that the inside of the barrel is open to the atmosphere.

The spray component ejection member is composed of a hose, a through switch, a sleeve, a nozzle, a shower head, and the like. The through switch is composed of a switch core and a switch case, and its opening or closing controls the flow or stop of the liquid medicine. A filter is placed in the casing to filter the sprayed liquid. The nozzle is for connecting the sleeve and the nozzle. The nozzle is composed of a nozzle body, a gasket, a spray nozzle and a nozzle cap for spraying the atomized liquid.

The technical state of the electric sprayer directly affects the working quality of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to check and adjust each part during maintenance and find that the parts that do not meet the technical requirements are removed and corrected or replaced. Every day, the electric sprayer should be tightened and adjusted, tightened and adjusted, the win oil should be replaced, and the normal lubrication conditions should be maintained, so that the machine always works under good technical conditions. Only in this way can we extend the service life of the machine and ensure that the machine works with high quality and high efficiency.