Requirements for the tightness of components in high-pressure cleaners


Ultra-high pressure cleaners also have the advantage of […]

Ultra-high pressure cleaners also have the advantage of high power to clean the sewer, and they must be equipped with corresponding preemptive nozzles. This cleaning equipment is very popular all over the world. It is used in municipal, industrial, commercial and residential sewage cleaning. It is a technologically advanced ultra-high pressure cleaning machine. In addition, the ultra-high pressure washer uses the high-pressure pump of the nozzle user to increase the working power. The cleaning power of these things is very high. With this set of cleaning things, this set of things is used for sewer cleaning, which is the perfect solution.
Brushing the car body: Rinse the vehicle with a 360-degree brush and rinse it slowly with water to restore the vehicle to its original clean state. This process only takes about 5 minutes; clean the car: This process only needs to dry the vehicle surface gently with a towel cloth. The time of cleaning the vehicle by the ultra-high pressure washer is about 15 minutes; spray foam: change After putting on the prepared foam pot, spray the body quickly and then brush the car with a 360-degree brush. This process takes about three minutes. This process mainly makes it easier to clean the dust on the body.
The pressure required by the ultra-high pressure cleaning machine should be comprehensively considered according to the specific requirements of the work and the nature and degree of dirt on the surface of the cleaning object. The required pressure is more scientific and reasonable. At present, when the high-pressure water jet is used for cleaning, the method of determining the required pressure is often two methods: experimental method and analog method.

The high pressure of the ultra-high pressure washer also has an adverse effect on the bearing capacity of the cleaning object, which is easy to impact and damage the cleaning object. Therefore, when choosing an ultra-high pressure washer, you must consider the practical aspects and do not blindly pursue high pressure and get away from the cleaning purpose.
The higher the pressure of the ultra-high pressure washer, the requirements for the performance of the components and the tightness of the device will also be increased accordingly. Then, this will lead to an increase in costs. Once the pressure is too high, when the jet is sprayed on the surface of the cleaning object, it is likely to cause water splashes, which will adversely affect the cleaning work. This will offset the effect of water pressure and may atomize the water. As a result, the cleaning efficiency is not only reduced, but the cleaning effect is not ideal.