Precautions for the use of high-pressure cleaners

Summary:High-pressure cleaners are commonly used cleaning equipment in industry and commerce. They are often used in industry fo...
High-pressure cleaners are commonly used cleaning equipment in industry and commerce. They are often used in industry for equipment flushing, rust removal and paint removal, condenser heat exchangers and other descaling cleaning, reactor tank cleaning, etc.; in commerce, they are often used for road flushing, pipe dredging, and advertising. Brand wall cleaning, cleaning and so on. The high-pressure cleaner has the incomparable power of ordinary cleaning methods, and can also clean the dirt and attachments that cannot be removed manually. The cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency are far beyond the reach of manpower. Especially in the cleaning and maintenance of various motor vehicles, buildings, and public places, it can not only improve the cleaning quality, but also greatly save human resources.
First of all, we must understand the working principle of the high-pressure cleaner. The high-pressure cleaner uses a power device to make a high-pressure plunger pump produce high-pressure water, and then the high-pressure water is sprayed onto the surface of the object through the nozzle of the high-pressure water gun. Due to the high pressure and the very high speed of the water droplets, the dirt on the surface of the object is impacted and the dirt is brought Away, so as to achieve a cleaning effect. High-pressure water cleaning is environmentally friendly, economical, and will not cause damage to the surface of the object.

1. When using the high pressure washer, first carefully check whether the parts of the high pressure washer are normal, whether the impurity filter is intact, and whether the connections are tight before starting the machine. Then connect the water inlet pipe interface and the water inlet pipe and fix it so that it does not leak air and water. Then connect the other end to the tap water pipe or extend it into the water supply bucket.
2. Connect the water outlet of the high-pressure pump and the high-pressure hose, and connect the barrel of the high-pressure spray gun to the other end of the high-pressure hose.
3. Connect the high-pressure cleaner to the power supply line, and pay attention to whether the power supply voltage matches, whether it is 220V or 380V. Make sure that the power supply is suitable before connecting it.
4. Start the equipment switch and pull the trigger of the high-pressure spray gun. After the air in the high-pressure pump is exhausted, the high-pressure water can be sprayed out. After use, turn off the high-pressure washer and tap to release the residual pressure until there is no water flowing from the nozzle. Snap the trigger lock and pull out the power supply.
5. The high-pressure water jet can be adjusted to various shapes. If the linear water flow is used, the high-pressure nozzle should keep a distance of 10-15 cm from the surface of the cleaning object. If it is too close, it will easily damage the surface of the object. If it is too far away, the cleaning effect Will decrease.
6. Do not leave the high-pressure washer in the power-on state without pulling the trigger of the water gun for too long, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment and shorten the service life.
7. If the highest pressure of the high-pressure pump must be used for cleaning due to use requirements, it is best to ensure that the time does not exceed 30 minutes and restore it to the rated pressure in time.
Although the operation and use of the high-pressure cleaner are relatively simple and convenient, but we must also pay attention to safe operation to avoid personal injury or other accidents caused by incorrect operation.