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Electric sprayer has the skills to choose the electric […]

Electric sprayer has the skills to choose the electric sprayer nozzle

Electric sprayer accessories are an important part of the electric sprayer. The most concerned is the spray head. Choosing the electric sprayer nozzle is very particular:

1. Spray pressure: For any spray head, increasing the spray pressure can reduce the droplet diameter.

2. The size of the nozzle: under the same type of nozzle, the same fog cone angle, and the same pressure, the nozzle with a small spray volume produces smaller droplets than the nozzle with a larger spray volume.

3. Nozzle type: For example, under the conditions of the same spray amount, the same pressure and the same fog cone angle, the fog droplets produced by the hollow cone fog nozzle are generally smaller than those produced by the flat fan nozzle.

4. Spray cone angle (or fan angle): Under the same spray pressure and spray volume, the droplets generated by the fan nozzle of 110° are smaller than those of the mist cone angle of 80°. There are several spray angles of 25°, 65°, 80°, and 110°. The small angle penetration is strong (at the same droplet size), but the uniformity of the distribution is not as good as the big fog cone angle nozzle. Generally, the field uses spray nozzles with a fog cone angle of 110° or 80°. For crops with higher density and requiring a certain penetration force, the fog cone angle of the spray head is reduced accordingly.

There are dozens of types of nozzles at present, and their specifications, flow rates and materials are divided into hundreds. Nozzles can only be selected after detailed analysis of crop varieties, spray media, planting patterns, meteorological and geographic conditions.