Introduction to common types of high-pressure pipeline cleaning machines


Pipe cleaning machines are familiar to everyone, becaus […]

Pipe cleaning machines are familiar to everyone, because we often need to use such machines in our lives to help us clean and unblock pipes. So we all know the types of pipe cleaning machines? Some people may say that the size of the washing machine is not the same except the pressure? In fact, the cleaning machine will be different according to different cleaning types, today we will introduce to you.

Manual pipe cleaning machine, which is a type that requires full manual operation, requires you to handle it yourself, but for some pipelines, it is more convenient for us to do it by ourselves. Hand-held motorized pipe cleaning machine, turn on the power, press the speed switch, you can control the speed by yourself, start with a slow speed, and gradually faster according to the proficiency. According to the clogging of the pipeline, when the drum rotates, push the soft shaft into the pipeline with the push of the handle until it clears. This type needs to be handheld, but the overall work no longer requires humans to control it. Automatic pipe cleaning machine, turn on the control switch to rotate forward, and press the soft shaft of the handle to feed the pipe automatically. At the same time, the knob can be used to adjust the feed rate of the flexible shaft. The automatic type does not require any human operation at all, and the machine can be cleaned by itself by placing the machine in the proper position.