Classification and application of high pressure cleaners

Summary:According to the difference of the outlet water temperature, the high pressure cleaner can be divided into a hot water h...

According to the difference of the outlet water temperature, the high pressure cleaner can be divided into a hot water high pressure cleaner and a cold water high pressure cleaner. We refer to a hot water high pressure cleaner that reheats the high pressure water jet (less than 150 degrees Celsius) to effectively improve the cleaning function and capacity of the high pressure cleaner. The output of the high pressure cleaner can be three types of high pressure cold water, high pressure hot water, high pressure steam.

During the specific cleaning process of the high pressure cleaner, the medium water enters the water tank through the float valve and is softened by the softener in the water tank. After the high pressure pump is pressurized, it is heated by the water heater and sent to the high pressure spray gun through the high pressure pipeline of the high pressure cleaner. High pressure water jet of the same shape. In addition, we can control the amount of additive added to the high pressure water gun. When it is necessary to heat the injector, the fuel pump only needs to pressurize the light diesel in the fuel tank. Light diesel is controlled by a solenoid valve and sent to a cyclone fuel injector equipped with an air volume adjustment device and an automatic ignition device. The high pressure cleaner sprays the atomized oil in the nozzle, ignites through the ignition rod, and mixes the secondary air inlet with the oil and gas in the water heater. Inner ring combustion heating is easy to achieve.

High-pressure water jet cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner not only removes grease from fuel tanks, mixing tanks, conveyors, evaporators, heat exchangers, but also removes dirt and debris from grease. By processing the production equipment of the food processing enterprise in this way, the processing capacity is not affected, thereby increasing the production efficiency of the food processing plant. The high pressure water jet pressure required to clean food processing equipment is typically between 350 and 700 bar. Regular use of high-pressure cleaners to maintain equipment not only provides us with stable production, but also ensures the healthy development of the national economy.