How to safely operate an ultra-high pressure washer


In order to ensure the safety of high-power ultra-high […]

In order to ensure the safety of high-power ultra-high pressure washer, carefully read the operating instructions of the manufacturer of the ultra-high pressure washer when operating the equipment. Each model of ultra-high pressure washer is different. According to the instructions of your model of ultra-high pressure washer, it will help to operate safely and effectively.

In practical applications, the safety of ultra-high pressure washer is very important, especially the high-power ultra-high pressure washer, especially the pump cylinder. Because the ultra-high pressure washer is an ultra-high pressure vessel, the stress distribution is relatively uniform after the work is under pressure, all stresses remain within the elastic range, the elastic load capacity increases, and the fatigue life of the cylinder is increased. It is the selection of materials and processes to give the best self-reinforcing pressure and the best self-reinforcing degree.

The use of an ultra-high pressure washer alone for cleaning does not have the best results. To achieve an ideal cleaning effect with an ultra-high pressure washer, use hot water ultra-high pressure washer for cleaning as much as possible. At the same time, it must be equipped with a safety valve in burst mode, which is not only safe and reliable, but also the diaphragm has become a standard part;