How to maintain your sprayer


Every time before using the sprayer, we will fill the s […]

Every time before using the sprayer, we will fill the sprayer with water and then spray it to further calibrate the sprayer. To stabilize the engine speed and spray pressure to ensure that the nozzle is well atomized and to ensure uniform spraying. The sprayer can also be used as a secret weapon to eliminate pests in the field and crop pests. By determining the type of pesticide used, the amount of drug applied per acre and the dilution concentration, and dispensing according to the instructions for use of the pesticide.

Add the medicine first, then add water, and the added liquid must be clean to avoid clogging the nozzle and causing malfunction. Now that summer is coming, the spray is also facing high temperature. When we use it, we avoid the hot sun and prevent the hose on the sprayer from bursting. This is one aspect. In the process of spraying it, we need to be at any time. Observe the spray. When we are doing the work, if we find that the sprayer is not working properly, then we should stop the inspection and wait for the problem to be checked and work.