How to clean the sprayer


First of all, after washing with a sprayer of herbicide […]

First of all, after washing with a sprayer of herbicide (glyphosate), it can be washed once with turbid muddy water, then washed off with mud, and it can be used.

However, we also need to know that different types of herbicides require different cleaning methods.

There are generally three types of herbicides currently on the market: liquids, suspensions, and emulsions. Therefore, depending on the type you use, it is most correct to decide how to clean them, but the principle is almost the same, that is, use water or add some The cleaning agent, by shaking up and down, cleans the pesticide residue inside the sprayer.

Most of the pesticides are acidic. We can use the principle of acid-base neutralization and put some alkaline things. This can also be very effective, such as putting some edible alkali, which is what we often say. soda.

However, if a special herbicide is used, it is recommended to wash it with detergent: in fact, the water can be cleaned to achieve the residual effect, but for paraquat (currently banned) or glyphosate, these herbicides are strong. It can also be washed with detergent.