How to Choose a Pressure Sprayer For Your Garden

Summary:Pressure sprayers are excellent tools for applying pesticides and chemicals to a lawn and garden quickly and easily. The...

Pressure sprayers are excellent tools for applying pesticides and chemicals to a lawn and garden quickly and easily. They can even be used safely on pets and children if precautions are taken. Pressure sprayers save valuable time when used for simple cleaning chores around the home, such as cars, decks, boats and other larger general cleaning chores. Here are some more reasons why pressure washers are an excellent tool for the homeowner.

Save Time With a Pressure Sprayer-Pesticides and chemicals can be applied rapidly to a large area with minimal fuss. This saves time from walking around a large house to apply a small amount of pesticides or other chemicals. Pressure sprayers also save money by not requiring one person to apply the chemicals. Instead, several people can stand at a single pressure sprayer spraying at the same time without having to worry about getting someone else to help.

Save Energy Using a Handheld Pressure Sprayer Compared to a garden hose or garden pail, a hand held handheld pressure sprayer is more energy efficient. Portable hand held pressure washers are ideal for spraying walkways, driveways, patios and decks without having to lug a heavy hose around with you. There are several different brands and models of handheld garden washers to choose from so it is best to shop around to get the best price and model. You can find the best pump sprayer for the lowest price online.

Save Time Using Handy Manual Pressure Sprayers Manual portable pressure sprayers eliminate the need to use a chemical power washer on a busy lawn. Instead, you can manually push the button on the device to spray the chemicals on the grass or weeds. You can then sit back and enjoy the beauty of your yard after using the tools to keep your garden free from unsightly chemicals.

Save Time and Money Using a Handheld Pressure Sprayer If you spend a lot of time outdoors, hand held pressure spraying devices will save you time. Rather than running to the garden to purchase and use a garden hose, you can simply push a button to spray the chemicals. You will also be able to enjoy your yard or patio without the concern of running out of fuel to carry the hose to the outdoors. The handheld garden hand pumps are easy to use and maintain.

Save Money Using a Pressure Sprayer With a Non-Slip Handle A good quality pump is made of high quality material that is durable and should last a long time. You will want to make sure that you find a strong non slip handle on your pressure washer to ensure that your hands are not injured if they accidentally come in contact with the nozzle as you are spraying. A strong handle will also reduce the risk of the nozzle breaking as it is used to spray plants and other areas. Look for a nozzle with a non slip handle that has a higher liters capacity to reduce the chances of the nozzle breaking as it is used.

Higher Efficiency Means Higher Savings A good quality pump will not only save you money by reducing your water usage, but also the time that you will spend on the job. You should find a high efficiency nozzle that will spray at a greater rate of speed and hold more water. In order to achieve the highest efficiency, the nozzle should have a continuously locking trigger so that you can set the level of pressure you desire to spray at. The locking trigger is designed to prevent you from accidentally spraying too much pressure, which could damage the plants and reduce their ability to survive. You will also want a nozzle that holds a higher volume of water so that you will be able to cover a larger area.

Reduced Friction and Reduced Wear and Tear A high quality pump will have a very long spray wand with minimal friction. Because the pump is so effective, it will also wear out very quickly. A pump with minimal friction will allow the fluid to move freely through the system without resistance or bumps which will reduce wear and tear on the pump and its parts. A pump that is worn out easily will have to be replaced sooner than one with minimal friction. Make sure that the components of your pump are built to stand up to the wear and tear of their job.