High temperature and high pressure cleaner troubleshooting method


1. The water gun does not spray water, the pressure is […]

1. The water gun does not spray water, the pressure is insufficient, and the water gun is shaken.
Causes and countermeasures: low inlet water pressure or no pressure causes insufficient water supply, clogging of the inlet filter, nozzle clogging, sand in the water, causing serious pressure on the pressure regulating valve, causing the scale of the heating coil to be blocked for a long time, and the inlet filter is damaged. The impurities enter the blocking check valve, the pump body freezes and leaks; the ceramic plunger is frozen; the detergent tank is waterless and the switch is opened; the pump seal is broken; the bypass valve is blocked, so that the automatic stop heating system fails. Burnt out the heating coil.

2. The heating system does not ignite or work poorly
Causes and countermeasures: Check the oil level of the fuel tank; check whether the diesel filter is blocked; check whether the flexible connection between the diesel pump and the motor is broken; check whether the diesel pump is damaged; check whether the solenoid valve is open; check whether the temperature control switch is damaged; Whether the injector is blocked; check whether the high voltage wire package is damaged; check if the spark plug gap is too large, causing the spark to be too weak; if the fuel quality is unqualified, the combustion sediment will block the air circulation; check whether the pressure switch is damaged; check whether the air inlet quantity matches; check the heating plate Whether the tube is damaged; check the temperature detector for damage; the head wear is severe, resulting in low water pressure.