Electric Pressure Washers Have Changed

Summary: Purchasing an electric pressure washer is one of the most popular purchases we make. With the cost of everything else o...
Purchasing an electric pressure washer is one of the most popular purchases we make. With the cost of everything else on the market, and gas prices being what they are, people are looking for ways to do their own cleaning on a budget. Pressure washing equipment is not hard to find. Many stores carry them. But more pressure means more risk of injury using any electric pressure washer. Especially with electric gas models, it is easy to destroy what you are cleaning.
To see how electric pressure washers have changed over the years, we are bringing back a special batch of electric pressure washers for comparative testing. This is a great way to gauge how well each machine holds up over time. Not only was the cleaning power increased but the durability was also tested. It should be noted that these types of machines tend to last longer than gas machines due to the higher compression of the compressed air.
The testing found that all electric pressure washer perform better than the conventional gas-powered machine, but that certain brands were much better than the rest. In the test, the highest performing was the Honda Pressure Washer with the Universal Motor. In this version of the Honda pressure washer, the induction motor takes over much of the work traditionally done by the water pump. With the induction motor, the user will see an increase in the cleaning power of the machine.

Another new feature on electric pressure washer washers is cord storage. In the past the cord storage option involved wrapping the long cord several times around the washer and then attaching a weight to the bottom of the cord to weigh it down. This meant that the machine would have to stay near the washer to complete a cycle. Some users found this annoying because they had to leave the pressure washer near their home so that they could easily store the bulky cord. However, new models have cord storage built into the hose, making the machine much easier to store when not in use. In addition, this feature made it easy for people to tuck the cord away in the baseboard when not in use.
One of the best innovations with electric pressure washers is the electric pressure washer that uses a light-emitting diode, or LED, to light the water. These light-emitting diode operated electric washers are extremely efficient and give very good cleaning, but many people find them to be a little too bright and occasionally not bright enough. For this reason, many manufacturers are adding a dimmer switch so that you can change the level of light emitted from the diode. This has improved the reliability significantly, but some people find that the bright light of the diode is still a distraction and causes them to focus on another object while cleaning, which means these models remain in use far longer than their gas models.