Composition of high pressure washer


High pressure washer is a machine that uses high power […]

High pressure washer is a machine that uses high power plunger pump to generate high pressure water to wash the appearance of objects through the power device. It can peel off the dirt and wash away, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the appearance of the object.

Therefore, the use of high-pressure water column to clean up the dirt is also recognized as one of the most scientific, economical and environmentally friendly cleaning methods in the world. The high pressure washer can be divided into cold water pressure washer, hot water pressure washer, motor driven high pressure washer, gasoline engine driven high pressure washer and so on.

Waterway: In the waterway, the pressure regulating knob of the regulating pressure regulating valve can adjust the size of the return water. The high pressure washer of German Karcher can steplessly adjust the pressure directly from the handle, thereby regulating the water pressure. The heating tube consists of a spiral steel pipe around the heater. When the incinerator is incinerated, the flame heats the water in the tube.

Oil circuit: In the oil circuit, the oil pump is a planetary gear high pressure oil pump driven by a motor. During the heating and incineration, the solenoid valve is opened, and the high-pressure diesel is sprayed into the incineration chamber of the heater after being atomized by the nozzle.

Air path: The fan and oil pump are usually driven by the same motor. Adjust the size of the damper to adjust the burning situation.

Circuit: The power switch has an overload maintenance function. When the washing machine appears to be defective, which causes current to be added to the circuit, the power switch will be actively turned off to ensure safety. The pressure switch is installed in the high-pressure water pump. Only after the high-pressure water pump works and pressurizes the cold water to a certain temperature, the pressure switch contacts are closed. The temperature control switch knob can adjust the water temperature. When the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the temperature control switch contacts are disconnected and the heating is stopped.

The sensor probe of the temperature control switch is installed at the water outlet. Turn on the main power supply, the pump motor works to pressurize the cold water. Turn on the heating switch, the oil pump motor works, pressurize the fuel, and the fan will rotate at the same time. At this moment, the primary high-voltage incineration coil is energized, and the secondary high-voltage occurs. The high-voltage ionizes the air between the incineration electrodes, and cremation occurs. The incineration frequency is the power frequency, that is, 50HZ. Whether or not there is fuel injection at this moment depends on whether the contacts of the pressure switch and temperature control switch are closed. Only when both contacts are fully closed, the fuel solenoid valve is opened, and the fuel is ejected can it be incinerated.

When the water temperature is heated to the set temperature, the temperature control switch contacts are disconnected, the fuel solenoid valve is de-energized and closed, the fuel passage is blocked, and the injection and heating are suspended. After the water temperature is lowered, the temperature control switch contacts are closed from the beginning and the fuel injection heating process is repeated, so the high temperature and high pressure of the water can be obtained.