Can I use a high-pressure cleaner to spray trees

Summary:Can I use a pressure washer to clean or spray trees?You already know that high-pressure cleaners can play a magical role...

Can I use a pressure washer to clean or spray trees?
You already know that high-pressure cleaners can play a magical role. In just a few minutes, you can refresh a worn fence or sidewalk. Can electric washing machines do the same for our trees?
So, what is the verdict? Find out if you can use a high-pressure cleaner to spray or clean the trees below.

Why you should not use pressure washers on trees?
High-pressure washers are called power washers for some reason. They are 10 to 50 times stronger than garden hoses. As you can imagine, so many forces actually hurt trees!

What happens if I put pressure on my trees to clean them?
The high-pressure cleaner is essentially a super-strong hose. Their electric motor or engine enhances the flow of water and then sprays 1,000 to 4,000 pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI). From a perspective, the flow rate of your faucet or hose is about 50 PSI.
Excess force will quickly remove dirt, residue and mold on cars, patios or outdoor furniture.
However, when you use a high-pressure cleaner to clean trees, the force will remove the outermost layer of the trees. Depending on the PSI and the type of tree, the tree may lose most of its bark. If you continue to spray, it may damage the tree cells under the bark.
The high pressure washer, even at the lowest setting, is too sturdy for trees! All you need to clean the trunk is a garden hose and a little elbow grease. Or, if you want to get rid of lichen or moss, just remove it. No water (or pressure) is required!

Will it hurt trees if I spray pesticides with a pressure washer?
At first this seemed like a good idea. But again, the pressure washer is too much for trees. If sprayed on the crown of a tree, the leaves may be removed or shredded.
In addition, pesticides are serious business! If you spray insecticide high on the top of the tree, it will cause rain to you and the surrounding area, which may be harmful.