Application of agricultural electric Knapsack Sprayers

Summary:Agricultural sprayer battery maintenanceNormal maintenance is also very important.In general, the electric sprayer needs...

Agricultural sprayer battery maintenance
Normal maintenance is also very important.In general, the electric sprayer needs to be charged immediately after use.Some people forget to charge in time after using it.The next day when I think of recharging, the battery has been scrapped by half, so it is normal. The use and maintenance are also very important, he determines the service life of the electric sprayer.

The maintenance of the electric sprayer during the agricultural idle period is also urgent. Under normal circumstances, it is charged and discharged once every one to two months. You must first put water in the electric sprayer to let it work until the power is used up, and then recharge, so that you can make The service life of the battery is longer.
After the electric sprayer is used, it is best to use clean water to clean up the residual liquid in the pump, and the medicine barrel also needs to be cleaned in time. Especially in the season of agricultural slack, it is best to remove the pump motor and clean it with motor oil. Some butter to prevent the motor from rusting


4 cleaning methods for sprayers
It is recommended that you clean it regularly, and now reveal its 4 cleaning methods:

1. Clean water cleaning: Commonly used herbicides in wheat fields, herbicides in corn fields, herbicides in soybean and peanut fields, herbicides in rice fields, etc. After use, you need to rinse the bucket and parts with clean water many times, and then fill the water with agricultural machinery After 1-2 days, wash it 2-3 times, you can use it with confidence.

2. Slurry cleaning: For "one-sweep" cleaning after use, as long as the machine is cleaned several times with mud water, and then washed with clean water.

3. Scrubbing with ferrous sulfate: There is a herbicide 2.4-D butyl ester which is difficult to rinse. After spraying, it needs to be thoroughly scrubbed with 0.5 ferrous sulfate solution, and then washed with clean water.

4. Alkaline water cleaning: first pour 5% hot alkali water (water temperature above 60 ℃) to make it fill the spray bar, spray head and other parts, shake once every 10 minutes, after 2 to 3 hours, the alkaline liquid Pour out, then rinse with water 2 to 4 times.
Regular cleaning can play a better maintenance role for the electric sprayer, reduce the occurrence of failure problems, and have a longer service life.

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Reason for choosing sprayer
Generally, sprays with a droplet size of less than 50 microns are called ultra-low volume sprays.

1. Why do we have ultra-low volume sprayers?

Some foreign scientists have studied and proposed the theory of biological optimal particle size. The theory points out that the spray method is used to control flies, mosquitoes and other space flying insects. The optimal spray droplet size is 10-50 microns, which is precisely the range of ultra-low volume spray.

Second, some people may ask, is this the smaller the fog droplet, the better?

If the droplets are too small, there will be a problem, that is, if the droplet size is too small, the total surface area of ​​the spray droplets will increase sharply, and our storm mist ultra-low-capacity sprayer usually emits water or Organic solvents. The expansion of the total surface area will quickly evaporate the mist droplets, reducing the hovering time. This makes it impossible to apply in some outdoor places that require ultra-low volume spray. In addition, mist droplets below 10 microns will become PM10.PM2.5, increasing the risk of inhalation of the applicator.