Cleaning efficiency of high pressure cleaner


The high pressure cleaner is a new type of high pressur […]

The high pressure cleaner is a new type of high pressure cleaning equipment developed in recent years. It is used in a wide range of applications and exceeds all industrial cleaning areas. Especially in the environment where environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more strict, high-pressure water washing machines such as zero-emission environmental cleaning equipment are getting more and more attention from major companies. However, there have always been problems that plague everyone. What is the cleaning efficiency of the high pressure water cleaner?
The cleaning efficiency of a high pressure cleaner is not only related to the high pressure water jet density and speed, but also to the nominal distance between the jet and the object. This is because the velocity and structure of the high pressure water jet vary with the jet distance, so the force of the attacking object also varies with the target distance.
The actual effect of the high pressure water jet on the object name depends not only on the basic parameters of the jet but also on the distance between the nominal position of the nozzle and the target distance. The high-pressure water jet distance, the target distance, is the distance from the nozzle to the cleaning name, and its size has a great influence on the cleaning quality. As the jet distance increases, the level of diffusion of the high pressure water jet increases to a nominal value of cleanliness, ie, the loss of jet power increases. As the injection distance decreases, the descaling area per unit time also decreases. Therefore, if the high pressure water washing machine is too large or too small, the cleaning efficiency will be lowered.
The important influence of high-pressure water jet cleaning objects is the impact force caused by the kinetic energy carried by the high-pressure water jet. The further away from the nozzle, the smaller the kinetic energy of the jet. However, it has been confirmed by ad hoc experiments that when using direct nozzle cleaning, the cleaning effect is better from the nozzle distance. Under normal circumstances, we believe that the cleaning effect depends on the influence of the water jet, and secondly on the gas present in the water. When the pressure in the nozzle drops sharply, the gas in the water will generate vacuoles, respectively, while also entraining the outside air during the injection. When the jet hits the cleaning object, the pressure suddenly changes, and the gas or vapor bubble caused by the jet suddenly collapses. Cavitation caused by microjets can improve the cleaning effect of the water jet. Therefore, the pressure of the nozzle should be determined according to the aperture of the nozzle and the good range of the spray to lose a good cleaning effect.
They affect the cleaning efficiency of high-pressure water washers. They make full use of pressure and flow, and the pressure energy is converted into speed energy, nozzle design and target impact force. Therefore, when purchasing a high-pressure water washing machine, everyone should not only care about the pressure of the high-pressure washing machine, but also integrate various factors to select a suitable high-pressure water flow cleaning device.