Causes of low speed of high pressure cleaning pump


Some users have encountered such problems when using hi […]

Some users have encountered such problems when using high-pressure cleaning pumps. The high-speed cleaning pump has a low speed and cannot meet the working requirements. There may be multiple factors for this situation. Below we will analyze the problem of too low pressure cleaning pump, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
For this problem, we think that one of the possible causes is caused by the incorrect operation of the high-pressure cleaning pump. For example, when we use a high-pressure pump, we find that the original motor of the device is damaged, so we can replace it with another motor. In this case, it may lead to small flows, low lift and even no water.
Two possible causes are the failure of the high-pressure cleaning pump. At this time, we can turn off the device before checking it. The main components are: whether the tightening nut of the pump shaft is normal, whether there is a problem of loose resistance, whether the pump shaft is deformed and bent, and whether the bearing is damaged. Then repair according to the specific situation.
The third possible cause is the failure of maintenance of the power machine of the equipment. There are many factors that cause the rotation speed of the high-pressure cleaning pump to change. If the motor burns out, it will not completely eliminate the magnetic loss, the number of winding turns, the wire diameter, the wiring method change or the failure of maintenance failure, this problem will occur.
The fourth reason is caused by improper installation. When installing a high-pressure cleaning pump, we not only save time and convenience. This is because if the installation is not appropriate, it can easily affect the speed of the device, so we cannot meet our requirements.
One reason may be excessive suction. This is because during use, some water sources are very deep and some water sources are relatively flat. Ignoring this issue may cause problems such as high pressure pumping or water absorption. In fact, we should consider many factors in practical applications.