Application of thermal smoke machine


The thermal fog machine is one of the smoke machines. W […]

The thermal fog machine is one of the smoke machines. When using this kind of product, it can spray pesticides through our designed heat-dissipating nozzle to achieve large-area coverage. This kind of sprayer equipment can stabilize the spray volume and spray particle size (50% less than 30 microns) when used, so that the insecticidal effect is better!When using a thermal fog machine to spray pesticides, it will not cause waste. For environmental sanitation and sterilization, it can reduce the spraying time, manpower and waste of medicine.

The thermal smoke machine is an agricultural equipment. The production of this equipment is mainly considered from the aspect of insecticide work, and it improves the efficiency of crop production. As a device that can improve work efficiency, then how is it working? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian!When using a thermal smoke machine, the medicine can be made into a mist, which can achieve a large area coverage. The spray sprayed from the heat smoke machine has a low density and is easy to spread to the upper layer and is suitable for controlling tall and large forest diseases and insect pests.The thermal smoke machine is a new type of anti-harm equipment, which effectively reduces the height of thermal fog diffusion and is used in the elimination of crops. The pesticides sprayed out are all in the form of a mist, which can greatly expand the area of the damage.