Application of high pressure washer in pipeline cleaning


The high-pressure water jet cleaning technology of the […]

The high-pressure water jet cleaning technology of the high-pressure cleaner uses water as a medium to produce multi-beam, multi-angle and high-intensity ultra-high pressure water jets through a special adjustable supercharging system. This water jet has high impact and stripping capabilities to remove scale, metal oxides and other deposits from the pipe wall.
High-pressure water jet cleaning technology: high-pressure water jet cleaning is formed by the injection of water pressurized by the equipment pressurization system. The high-speed water stream cuts the scale in the crushing pipeline, and flows out with the high-pressure water to the sewage well. , thoroughly clean the scale impurities in the pipeline.
High-pressure water jet cleaning and dredging main objects:

1. All kinds of sewage pipes, industrial water pipes, units, schools, enterprises and residential areas, sewage pipes, rain pipes, gas pipes, flue pipes, etc.
2. Hotel, hotel sewer pipe (time long pipe inner wall is attached with a large number of oil blocks, sundries, and easy to block, the general dredge machine dredging is only a palliative treatment can not cure the problem can not solve the problem, and choose high pressure washing machine high pressure water The jet cleaning is solved once and cleared. The clearing rate is 100%, and the cleaning rate of debris is over 95%.
3. Municipal pipeline: accumulated over a long period of time, excessive accumulation of mud and debris in the pipeline, affecting the smooth flow of normal sewage.