Advantages of high pressure washer


The high-pressure washing machine has exquisite workman […]

The high-pressure washing machine has exquisite workmanship, small size, light weight, stable performance and convenient installation; it can extract water and liquid (solution) and pressurize the water outlet (maximum pressure up to 11 kg), which is suitable for liquid spraying, spraying and washing. , Irrigation, shower, transfer, lifting, cleaning and many other occasions. Water treatment, liquid sampling, scientific research, instrumentation, healthcare, medicine and health, biological engineering, automatic control, environmental protection and many other fields.

Large flow requirements (about 4 to 20 liters / minute) and low pressure requirements (about 1 to 3 kg), mainly used for water circulation, pump advantages, water sampling, lifting, etc., requiring low noise, long life, high self-priming Suction stroke, etc., BSP, CSP and other series are available; flow requirements are not high (about 1 to 5 liters / minute), but the pressure is large (about 2 to 11 kg), mainly used for spraying, boosting, car washing, etc. For long-term work under high pressure or large load, you can choose miniature pumps ASP, HSP and other series; used for tea table pumping, spraying, etc., requires the volume to be as small as possible, the flow demand is small, and the high-pressure flushing noise is small (about 0.1 ~ 3 liters / minute), optional ASP series. High-temperature working medium (0-100 ℃), need to pump water or gas (may be mixed with water or air, dry or dry occasions), and value performance such as volume, noise and continuous use. The pump needs to be idled and dried for a long time. There is both water and gas in the pipeline, you need to choose the water and gas pump WKA series. The miniature water pump WKA series is especially suitable for the occasions where there is water and air. For these applications, you can choose the WKA series.