A Trigger Sprayer That Can Completely Clean All Items in One Shot

Summary: Trigger Sprayer or Green Gas has many uses for the kitchen or bar area. As a tabletop unit it sprays paint quickly and ...
Trigger Sprayer or Green Gas has many uses for the kitchen or bar area. As a tabletop unit it sprays paint quickly and evenly. The Trigger Sprayer dispenses a consistent flow of paint in one trigger stroke. It usually has a long handle that makes it easy to use and easy to clean up after. The overall performance is good and it does not require much maintenance. The overall cost for the Trigger Sprayer seems to be less expensive than the other types of mini paint booths.
The miniature trigger sprayer is available in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and functions. The most commonly sold models are the 24-inch, full-size pump, stainless steel, dual-action trigger sprayer, handheld, high-low, front-end, back-to-back, manual, canister, corner, self-contained, pop-up and fixed pump models. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is best to decide on your needs and which among the different models suits your standards.
A common feature among many trigger sprayers is its feature to allow for adjustments of the spraying pressure and a wider range of operation with adjustments in the spray valve. The two basic options to adjust the pressure level are through the use of the rotary knob and the release valve. Most paint stations have a rotary knob for adjusting the pressure while a release valve is used for shutting off the system. The type of nozzle is also a feature in choosing the right pump.
Most of the trigger spray pumps have a larger capacity than other small pump systems because of their ability to spray a large volume of liquids at one time. These systems are widely used by commercial businesses as well as homeowners to satisfy their needs in different areas. For example, these units are often installed in industries where volatile organic compounds (VOC) are used due to its ability to quickly evaporate into the atmosphere.
The product in the picture is:   OLD-32N Trigger Sprayer
There are many types of trigger sprayers available in the market. Depending on the application, they can either be fixed or mobile and can accommodate either a single or multiple nozzle. Trigger sprayers usually have a high output of air and a lower output of water. With high output of air, the cleanliness and safety of the working area are enhanced as the amount of spray can be dispensed in a shorter period. Meanwhile, a smaller output of water allows the cleaning process to be completed more thoroughly.
Trigger sprayers that do not have a spray valve can be used to achieve the same results. However, it is difficult to control the flow of the chemicals during the cleaning process. This might affect the working area and the cleanliness of the materials being cleaned. Trigger sprayers are also known to be more expensive than the normal types of cleaners. The cost of the unit can range from $700 - thousands of dollars.